Smoothing Reactor

Smoothing Reactor

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In normal circumstances, the smoothing reactor is utilized to reduce harmonic current or voltage in a DC system. It can also effectively control the rise speed and peak value of short circuit in case of faults. The smoothing inductor is generally adopted in HVDC transmission system, or used in series connection with large rectifier power feeding DC motor in the steel and metallurgy enterprises.

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1. Our smoothing reactor can extend equipment lifecycle and reduce electrical losses.
2. It has high mechanical strength to withstand elevated short circuit.
3. The smoothing inductor boasts surface treatment for protection from UV radiation and pollution.
4. Conservative temperature rise
5. Maintenance-free design
6. Environmentally friendly
7. Customized space-saving solutions for installations of the smoothing choke in compact areas are available at Huashenglong.

We have diverse models for our PKDGK series dry type air core smoothing inductor, with different technical parameters. The PKDGK-1.2-500-0.2 smoothing reactor has rated current of 500Amp, and rated inductance of 0.2mH. The rated current and rated inductance of the PKDGK-1.2-3200-0.3 smoothing reactor are 3200Amp and 0.3mH respectively. If you want to know more specific information about our dry type air core smoothing choke, please have a look at the following data table.

PKDGK(F) Series Dry-type Air Core Smoothing Reactor
Technical Parameters

Model Rated Current (Amp) Rated Inductance
Outline Dimension
Installation Dimension
PKDGK-1.2-500-0.2 500 0.2 765X360 705 135
PKDGK-1.2-500-0.5 500 0.5 900X480 840 185
PKDGK-1.2-500-1.0 500 1 1055X615 995 260
PKDGK-1.2-600-0.2 600 0.2 785X390 725 145
PKDGK-1.2-600-0.5 600 0.5 925X540 865 250
PKDGK-1.2-600-1.0 600 1 1055X685 995 310
PKDGK-1.2-800-0.2 800 0.2 855X480 795 190
PKDGK-1.2-800-0.5 800 0.5 995X660 935 310
PKDGK-1.2-800-1.0 800 1 1145X855 1085 350
PKDGK-1.2-1000-0.3 1000 0.3 828X660 768 310
PKDGK-1.2-1000-1.0 1000 1 1210X660 1150 570
PKDGK-1.2-1500-0.3 1500 0.3 919X800 859 560
PKDGK-1.2-1500-0.5 1500 0.5 1054X935 994 640
PKDGK-1.2-1500-1.0 1500 1 1165X935 1105 1200
PKDGK-1.2-2000-0.3 2000 0.3 934X850 874 540
PKDGK-1.2-2000-0.35 2000 0.35 984X850 924 630
PKDGK-1.2-2000-0.67 2000 0.67 1134X1030 1074 890
PKDGK-1.2-2000-1.1 2000 1.1 1215X1030 1155 1380
PKDGK-1.2-2900-0.4 2900 0.4 1070X900 1010 540
PKDGK-1.2-3000-1.0 3000 1 1165X1210 1105 1200
PKDGK-1.2-3000-1.2 3000 1.2 1353X1030 1293 1400

Note: Data included in the table are for reference only. For more information please contact us.

Huashenglong is an experienced smoothing reactor manufacturer in China. Ever since we began, we continually introduce internationally advanced technologies and equipment for producing power transformer, dry type reactor, etc. with superior quality and reliable performance. That is why our products, such as high voltage transformer, shunt reactor, current limiting reactor, low voltage inductor, for instance, are increasingly popular with customers from the US, India, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Georgia, and other countries. We at Huashenglong welcome global customers to contact us and try our products. We are confident that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

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